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are you now or have you ever been a norse god, vampire, or time traveling cyborg

vampire wouldn't tell, cyborg wouldn't know

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Birthdate:Jul 19
Location:Sydney, (states/regions/territories), Australia

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$20.00 can buy many peanuts, air hostesses in the 60s, american idol drama, andrae's our little lamb, basically everything about the i.t crowd, being sexy cute & popular to boot, black nights, blue days, boone's life:, bryan singer's gay harem, buddy holly (& his crickets), dialetical materialism, e! is a fandom, elf-lord mcgee, four sweater vests, gay sex thursday, giving up performing arts for the service industry, i never liked your boat shoes, i'm pulling me toward myself, if lies were cats you'd be a litter, it could even be a boat!, it-was-like the-first time-i-heard the-beatles, jill is the fail charlie's angel, lenny bruce was not afraid, logan & his girls, loling @ kardashians, love like cyclops' blasts, loving lamp, making fetch happen, mike/dan, mr. babydaddy, oh and hugh jackman, old old wooden ships, oliver queen fighting fascism, part-time models, poetry &a glass-of scotch, reality tv ro/bromance, ryanderson, saying "for serious" & "i can't even say", seeing what you did there, sharpay & whatshisname, skins + depravity = awesome, slogan is scott/logan, stupid screwed-up friendships, this awesome sensation, tim gunn profanity sighting!, to bowl/i'm good with math, troll 2: for serious, turning snakes into the sea, uk qaf (vince!), vampire wouldn't tell/cyborg wouldn't know, wanting something un-ignorable, which one of us has the phd?, wishing kelly clarkson was-gay, wishing the-mall was-my ringtone, women... and lamps, yogging, you can be bosley, zanessa+their girlfriend ashley
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